Oh dear, she’s got Chicken Pox

A few weeks ago chicken pox was spreading through my daughter’s nursery like wildfire   and I knew it would only be a matter of time before she got it. That day came and I felt quite relieved as I have heard that it is easier to get it when young. However my daughter had a rather nasty case and although luckily they didn’t itch much, she was literally covered head to toe with them and even had them in her mouth! She experienced a lot of discomfort so I decided to do a bit of research on natural remedies to help soothe and heal the spots. The remedies seemed to be beneficial as the chicken pox scabbed over quickly and healed well. Please note that this is by no means medical advice, just my experience and my intuition as a mother, of what I thought was right to do for my child.


Oatmeal baths

Organza bag filled with oats for the bath


I gave my daughter oatmeal baths every day as I discovered that apparently oats can help a number of skin ailments and can be very soothing. I added porridge oats to an organza bag (you can use a sock or a pair of cut tights if you don’t have the bags) and also added a couple of drops of lavender and tea tree oil for their antibacterial, healing properties. I ran the bath and dropped in the bag of oats and essential oils and squeezed it a few times, then waited for the bath to turn a milky colour. I let my daughter soak in the bath for about 10 minutes then patted her skin softly with a towel afterwards.


Calendula Hypercal Cream


Some of the spots really aggravated my daughter so I
applied a bit of Nelson’s Hypercal cream to them. Although on the packaging it states that the cream is ‘natural first aid for cuts and grazes’ it really did help to soothe her pain.




I have a family member who is a homeopath and she recommended a remedy for my daughter. The following night after giving her the remedy she had a temperature and was in most discomfort, it could of been her body reacting to the remedy and beginning its healing process as the next day she no longer had a temperature and appeared a bit better.

If you are interested in finding a homeopath check this website for a registered practitioner in your area www.britishhomeopathic.org



To help boost my daughter’s immune system I kept products containing sugar away and gave her foods such as homemade soup containing garlic, onions, sweet potato and carrots. She couldn’t eat much as the chicken pox in her mouth were really sore and stung whenever she ate so I had to give her very bland foods such as porridge and yogurt. I also put a drop of lavender in a glass of water and asked her to swirl it around her mouth and then spit it out to help speed up healing the chicken pox in her mouth.



Being a reflexologist I gave my daughter some reflexology to help relax and calm her and one night it even helped her to drift off to sleep!

Reflexology is a natural, complementary health therapy safe to use on all ages. Check out my webpage for more information on reflexology treatments in London http://www.yolandareflexology.com


Coconut Oil FullSizeRender.jpg

As the spots began to crust over, after a bath I gently rubbed coconut oil over her spots as it is said to be healing for the skin and contains antibacterial properties.



All in all  and happy to say, she healed remarkably quickly without any scars!