Reflexology and Me!

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy that involves the technique of applying pressure to reflexes most commonly on the feet but also the hands or face. The reflexes are said to correspond with different parts of the body, for example the left foot corresponds with organs, glands and nerves on the left side of the body whereas the right foot corresponds with the right side of the body. Massage and pressure applied to the reflexes has a corresponding effect throughout the whole body, this works to stimulate the body’s healing process, encourages a sense of deep relaxation and in turn brings about a state of balance and wellbeing.footmap-plantar

Benefits of Reflexology

The main benefit of reflexology is that it encourages deep relaxation, relieves tension in the feet and body and in turn reduces stress. When we fail to manage our stress levels it can compromise our immune system and leave us more prone to illness and disease, our blood vessels also tighten and restrict blood flow, circulation can become sluggish which can all disrupt the body’s natural balance.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in our feet which send messages throughout the whole body, reflexology stimulates the nerves in our feet which then helps us to feel relaxed, our nervous system calms, blood flow, circulation and oxygen levels improve, energy flows and the body begins to start it’s healing process to bring back a state of balance.

How has Reflexology helped me…

Going through a stressful time and feeling like my hormones were out of balance due to Polycystic ovary syndrome, I experienced my first reflexology session, which I loved, fell asleep during and felt so relaxed!

I only managed to fit in one reflexology treatment a month but even felt like that made a difference to my health. I used to be a very anxious person and got extremely stressed out very easily but felt that reflexology gave me that time to relax, let go, eradicate tension and focus on calming my breathing, which later developed into a regular habit. I also noticed that my cycle began to regulate which previous to having treatments was all over the place! I feel that having regular reflexology played a ripple effect on my life, I began to want to take care of myself and my health, I started eating healthily, exercised (well attempted to) and allowed myself time to relax, all of which improved my overall wellbeing.

Why did I decide to become a reflexologist?


Finishing my degree in sociology and going back to my job in customer services, following maternity leave I decided that after 10 years that I needed a career change! I always considered myself a ‘people person’, have a passion for complementary health therapies and after feeling the positive effects of reflexology I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to put my skill and passion into helping others.

After studying at the prestigious London School of Reflexology, where I was trained by the amazing Louise, Keet, author of The Reflexology Bible, I gained my diploma and have been working as a reflexologist ever since. I am very passionate about my job and I am often more than amazed at the wonders that reflexology does. If you would like to experience reflexology please visit my website for more information or contact me via Email: or Telephone: 07583572190. I provide reflexology in Muswell Hill and also mobile around London, in the comfort of your home or place of work.